Enable your workforce to deliver a better service to your guests

HospitalityWireless plays an increasingly important role in the hospitality industry. Wi-Fi is one of the deciding factors When selecting a hotel, business venue or restaurant these days. It is also a common area for complaints within the hospitality environment.

Toranet can offer a secure, robust and reliable high-speed wireless network with secure access to meet the needs of all users; staff and guest, in all areas of your property; both indoors and outdoors.

This flexible solution is extremely scalable and can grow with your business to better serve your guests. Not only can we meet the wireless needs of your guests for many years into the future, but the same WLAN infrastructure will allow you to deploy wireless solutions to help improve the productivity of your own workforce — which will enable your workforce to deliver a better service to your guests.

All WLAN infrastructure is managed from a single centralised location; and equipment is automatically discovered and provisioned, eliminating the need for any hands-on configuration.
Pressure is on for organisations in the hospitality sector to provide free internet access to their guests. Whilst in the past this has been offered with a basic connection, with the ability to offer a premium service to those that will pay. Toranet’s WLAN solution can enable your business to offer free premium Wi-Fi to guests in return for key demographics and metrics about your guest users. Giving you the opportunity to closely tailor your marketing to individuals and sectors giving you better Return On Investment (ROI) and them more targeted offers.

Voice communications for staff ensure that everything runs smoothly, and high levels of service are attained.

Wireless point of sale (PoS) systems can allow staff to take orders for food, drink and other amenities in and around the property.