Supporting optimised business processes in manufacturing

Toranet have teamed up with world-class vendors to deliver wireless solutions that help manufacturers to automate processes, increase visibility, reduce compliance risk and improve productivity across the supply chain.

Deploy radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcode scanning technology to automate inventory updates. Integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to enable close collaboration with all partners, improving demand management and forecasting accuracy.

Eliminate paperwork and reduce input errors with automated workflows. Speed up processes, improve quality and increase productivity across your manufacturing operations.

Build a future proof wireless infrastructure while reducing paper-based workload, increasing employee productivity and eliminating errors.

Achieve supply chain transparency and enable standardisation of data collection and reporting so that performance is benchmarked at different locations. Gain in-depth insights into what is and isn’t working, and identify key areas for future improvement.

Meet compliance obligations in areas such as ingredients tracking and safe disposal of waste. Leverage automated barcode scanning solutions to ensure you are meeting these commitments thoroughly and efficiently.

By combining high-availability wireless networks with robust mobile computing equipment such as ruggedised tablets or smart badges, companies can drive efficiencies and increase profits.