Wireless automation solution for every role

The goods dispatcher

Goods dispatchers can enter consignment details on a tablet and send delivery instructions to drivers using handheld mobile computers. The dispatch worker can then scan barcodes on the stock with a handheld reader, which updates goods data directly onto the central inventory management application. When drivers have completed the delivery, they provide a status update on the handheld mobile computer.

The warehouse worker

A warehouse worker can use a handheld RFID reader to record receipt of goods. With a wearable terminal, the warehouse worker can then access this inventory data as well as details of scheduled deliveries.

When he moves stock to a different location in the warehouse, he can record this using a vehicle-mounted device for forklifts.

The assembly-line worker

Using wearable devices, the assembly-line worker can receive pick lists and work orders at the point of work, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. The worker can use a wearable scanner to record bar codes of parts used in assembly, automatically updating reports on stock availability and productivity. Through a smart badge, the work

The floor manager

Using a ruggedised tablet to access the company’s inventory management application, the floor manager can view the quantities of parts used by different individuals during a shift to monitor rates of performance. He can also record quality control data and can speak directly to his workers using a headset to raise issues and make changes to task allocations.