Customer Behaviour and Analysis

The more a retailer can know about their customers, the more effective they can make their offers and communication with them. They can also adapt the retail areas to be as appealing to their target customers as possible.

This can be achieved by using the wireless network to monitor the movement of smartphones carried by customers as they navigate a shop. For example, a customer may have subscribed to a service at the retailer and be known to them. This allows for personal messages containing vouchers to be sent to the customer over wi-fi while they are in the shop.

Messages can also be tailored based on shopping history. When changes are made to the layout of a store, the store’s managers can see how this affects the movement of customers and over time patterns will become visible and allow for optimisation of store layout and product placement. Furthermore, mobile ePOS will allow for transactions to take place anywhere in a store which is another example of improving customer service.