Streamlined Warehouse Management

Toranet has deployed a wide range of techniques and technologies which have measurably improved customer warehouse performance, such as:

Wireless Networking

Warehouse wireless network must be designed for purpose, to ensure coverage, capacity, performance, resilience, security are all incorporated to provide the right connectivity at the right time, wherever it is needed throughout the warehouse. It is not enough to fit and forget, but must be monitored to maintain availability throughout the working shift patterns required.

Wireless Confidence

Users are often surprised to learn that Wireless Networks are not the cause of every problem! Unfortunately, however often this is proved, it never ceases to be the primary apparent “cause” of all.
If only there were mechanisms which could test the wireless network in exactly the same way as a user’s client device?
7 Signal provides two distinct patented client emulation test methods which collect long-term data on all aspects of the wireless networks, both local and neighbouring. Either by deploying a custom-built hardware client test unit or by using an agent deployed on a subset of user’s clients, we can gather valuable data to confirm WLAN performance or highlight areas which could be improved.
This data provides a unique insight into the actual user experience, and this is especially important for assisting remote workers. IT has no control or visibility of any users’ home wireless networks, without spending large amounts of support resources to visit remote workers’ homes, which is literally unfeasible.
Deploying a client agent, however, can provide the support team with otherwise unavailable data on interfering WLANs, channel availability, and a host of other data to assist remote users get a good working environment away from the office.
Using a hardware client can check all levels of the wireless networks in an organisation.
From the physical layer – using Spectrum Analysis, through to connecting to every available network – thus proving that the authentication engines are working – all the way to end-to-end availability testing to prove that the LAN and WAN are fully available, and logged for long-term trend analysis. There are no equivalent tools which can provide this level of data, and both identify issues and improve time-to-resolution.
Toranet are an enthusiastic partner of 7 Signal and can advise and assist – call for a discussion on how we can prove your WLAN is not always to blame!

Connection Reliability

“The world’s most advanced terminal emulation solution” doesn’t even begin to describe the effectiveness of how Staylinked can make the connection between the Warehouse Terminals (HHTs) and the Warehouse Management System (WMS) more reliable, adaptable, and manageable.
Customers often deploy it to resolve a specific issue, perhaps a change to the HHT device which requires a different screen or font size to be made on the fly, then discover the benefits of a solution to manage connections between HHTs and the WMS, allowing management of the HHT estate’s connections in a single management utility. Talk to Toranet if you need to discuss whether Staylinked could add value to your warehouse processes.

Hand Held Terminal availability

Toranet knows that a warehouse needs a constantly available estate of Hand Held Terminals (HHTs). It is a fact of life, however, that failures and damages happen which require some form of repair process. It is the efficiency of the repair process which minimises the impact of these events. Toranet has developed processes which can receive manufacturer repaired or replaced units and pre-configure them to the exact customer specifications and – most importantly – fully end-to-end test them before returning to the customer warehouse for immediate deployment. Talk to us if we can apply the same efficient process to your HHT estate.

Hand Held Terminal management

Zebra Hand Held Terminals (HHTs) use the efficiency of the Android operating system to provide a secure and reliable operations, with a wide range of terminal options for every eventuality. Toranet have deployed the SOTI management platform to great effect in managing and securing the HHT estate in real time.