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Security and policy management platform for wired and wireless, BYOD, guests and loT.

Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System

Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES) software is a security and policy management platform that enables IT to easily and definitively secure the network, secure users and secure wired and wireless devices. Cloudpath software consolidates and simplifies the deployment of multiple services that are typically disparate and complex to manage: Certificate Management, Policy Management and Device Enablement.

The only integrated security and policy management platform that delivers:

  • Cloud-managed deployment option
  • Multi-tenancy
  • User-based licensing, not device-based
  • Pre-boarding (remote automated onboarding)
  • Chrome extension to automate Chromebook onboarding

For more information download the Ruckus Cloudpath Data Sheet or contact Toranet to discuss the benefits and features.