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Toranet has had a long-standing partnership with Brocade (Campus Network Switches portfolio acquired by Ruckus), with extensive technology expertise, and a wide range of services and vertical industry knowledge to market, sell, and support their industry-leading solutions. Ruckus Wireless is widely regarded and proven to have the best patented technologies to enhance wireless radio performance, using “beamflex” smart antenna technologies, giving it significant advantages in performance and coverage.
Toranet design, plan, implement, and support Ruckus solutions in customers’ environments, just call to discuss your specific needs and talk through the issues with our technologists.

Ruckus Networking

Ruckus converged wired and wireless enterprise networks

Ruckus has acquired and developed a strong range of LAN switching for Access, Aggregation and Core switching requirements.

Ruckus wireless hardware is widely regarded as the best for radio performance, due to patented methods like Beamflex, which is well worth investigating if you are not already familiar with it. A quick web search will reveal a number of useful videos and documents on the subject.
Wireless Hardware

A coherent Ruckus Wireless solution can be controlled and managed using a suitable scale of controller to the required solution. From controller-less (unleashed) AP deployments, through to dedicated hardware controllers, to cloud or hybrid deployments, the right solution for the scale of your requirements is easily available.
Wireless Controller Options

One of the biggest challenges to strong authentication, encryption and revocation is the certificate infrastructure it requires to work. Cloudpath provides an easy way to overcome this for all WLAN network access methods, from Enterprise to Guest. In fact, Cloudpath is the only way to provide an encrypted self-service guest wireless solution.
Cloudpath Network Access & easy on-boarding

Retail wireless networking can provide valuable data on the users and usage of the wireless services, who, where and what they are using it for. Analytics can turn this raw data into valuable retail intelligence on the customer base.
Networking Analytics

Although it is a very popular discussion point amongst technologists, The Internet of Things has yet to make significant progress in the commercial world. Great strides are being made, however, and Ruckus are at the forefront of making it usable in a commercial setting, with many different answers but full enterprise support.
Internet of Things using Ruckus platforms