Mobility and BYOD


If workers are to derive maximum benefit from mobile working the iPad or an equivalent is just the tip of the iceberg. The wireless network that provides the means of connecting to the corporate network needs to be fit-for-purpose.


Connecting should be straight-forward and when smartphones and other devices are lost or stolen it should be easy to neutralise the risk of unauthorised access.

Furthermore it should be possible to remotely wipe any sensitive data on these devices to avoid the risk of data leakage.

Malware targeting mobile devices is a rapidly growing threat that everyone needs to be mindful of.

IT managers responsible for corporate smartphones or supporting a BYOD policy should take appropriate steps.

All portable storage devices such as USB drives pose a risk and measures should be taken to control how these are used. Remote access arrangements should be secure and able to scale with demand.

The topics below are discussed further in our White Paper – Achieving Secure Mobility White Paper

  • Wireless Networks.
  • Mobile device security and management.
  • Portable storage device management.
  • Remote access arrangements.

For more information about mobility and BYOD download the Toranet Service Brief – BYOD