Intelligent Networking

All businesses need to be effective, and to do so, their networks need to provide the right access to the right resources at the right time. Intelligent networks are an essential part of any company strategy, large or small.

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Wireless networks offer levels of efficiency that were not previously possible and these are now a vital part of today’s infrastructure. Providing that network managers adopt a best-practice approach, the old-fashioned trade off of choosing either ‘Access or Security’ will be a thing of the past for any organisation.

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The trend towards mobile computing adds further risk of data leakage (and loss) as well as unauthorised access to systems. These and other vulnerabilities may exist throughout the infrastructure yet the technological remedy must also be considered alongside the role of people and process.

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Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse efficiency requires coordination and seamless connectivity from the Hand-Held-Terminal (HHT) operator through the wireless LAN, wired LAN, Wide Area Network to the Warehouse Management System (WMS). The effectiveness of the workforce demands that a large number of moving parts all align reliably and resiliently at all times. Toranet understands and have delivered significant performance improvements in customer warehouses.

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Network Health Check

If IT services are to perform as intended then a healthy network is a necessity. Our engineers will conduct a thorough examination of your network, identifying any existing issues and providing recommendations to overcome those areas.
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Why is WiFi always to blame?

All networking professionals know that users always blame the WiFi, and it’s almost never true. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and effort to prove that it’s not the case before moving on to find the actual cause of the users’ original issues.
We all need tools which test and prove that the WiFi is not just working, but exceeding expectations for performance and availability. 7-Signal provides two distinct methods to do exactly this, from the only valid point-of-view – that of the client, but 24×7 with historical trend analysis. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your wireless LAN. We have many white papers detailing the advantages of this approach, please enquire.

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