Intelligent Networking

networkAll businesses need to be effective, and to do so, their networks need to provide the right access to the right resources at the right time. Intelligent networks are an essential part of any company strategy, large or small. The network has to be intelligent enough to provide resilience, recovery and capacity where and when required.

Intelligent networking can comprise many or all of the following features:

  • Fast routing mechanisms for resilience between or within offices.
  • Faster Layer-3 failover within office using LAN switching.
  • Fastest Layer-2 failover within office using LAN switching.
  • Stateful & intelligent firewall resilience.
  • Application-based switching – intelligent distribution of network services to completely eliminate any risk of service loss and achieve application response objectives.
  • Application acceleration – makes your remote office users think they’re in the central office.
  • Non-Stop Wireless services.

This could be as simple as multiple server links to multiple switches on the Local Area Network.

It could be extended to a resilient multi-path meshed VPN, which can ensure no single point-of-failure, which would reduce the risk of a site-loss to a minimum.

Expand this to a global content delivery system which automatically delivers localised the fastest and most appropriate content to the user – based upon their language & location. Alternatively, it could be the non-stop wireless which provides users with quality-controlled wireless Voice service with no risk of service interruption.

Toranet’s approach is always a consultative one as each client has different needs and unique challenges. Our recommendations will be tailored to deliver the most appropriate solution no matter how challenging the priorities, risks, timescales and budgets.

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Intelligent Networking starts with specialist knowledge and extensive experience. Toranet takes these and adds joined up thinking and effective communication to achieve a comprehensive understanding of our client’s requirements. Careful planning and close management ensure the resulting project delivers a network that uses its resources as effectively as possible without sacrificing flexibility or agility in the future.

Now that’s a pretty smart network by anyone’s standards!