Wi-FiWireless networks offer levels of efficiency that were not previously possible and these are now a vital part of today’s infrastructure. Providing that network managers adopt a best-practice approach, the old-fashioned trade off of choosing either ‘Access or Security’ will be a thing of the past for any organisation. The best wireless networks satisfy all four of the areas listed below and give businesses a new and safe platform on which to grow.

Security – With today’s WLAN’s being more secure than the wired network they can no longer be tarnished as a Non-Secure solution. Many examples exist of Secure Wireless Solutions being deployed in sensitive locations including Financial Establishments, Banks and the Ministry of Defence. The authentication protocols available alleviate all fear of these networks being compromised.

Performance – Only a few years ago it was virtually impossible to trust a wireless network with mission critical applications due to limited bandwidth. Current Performance capabilities allow for Seamless Roaming and Efficient Traffic Flow while comfortably handling even time sensitive applications such as Voice.

The rapid growth of mobile devices is placing new pressure on wireless networks. Not only does the WLAN need to have enough access points (APs) to provide the required coverage and signal density, the APs should themselves support load-balancing and be able to offload data directly onto the wired network without it needing to be routed through any wireless controllers. Providing these conditions are met, mobile workers should be provided with responsive IT services at any location in their places of work.

Management – Enterprise level companies need Enterprise level solutions, and to effectively roll out such a solution it is imperative that it can be fully Managed. WLAN’s can now be managed from a single piece of software based at a designated location to oversee the entire infrastructure. Keeping the process extremely efficient and running costs very low.

Reliability – Latest technology has taken wireless to a whole new era when it comes to Reliability. With so much efficiency in the corporate world being attributed to the extra mobility that WLAN brings, downtime can be measured in £’s lost. A highly-available WLAN removes single points of failure and ensures uninterrupted operation thanks to ‘hitless failover’ and absolutely no lost packets. A single WLAN can comprise two or more clustered controllers located at data centres and covering multiple sites.

Why is WiFi always to blame?
All networking professionals know that users always blame the WiFi, and it’s almost never true. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and effort to prove that it’s not the case before moving on to find the actual cause of the users’ original issues.
We all need tools which test and prove that the WiFi is not just working, but exceeding expectations for performance and availability. 7-Signal provides two distinct methods to do exactly this, from the only valid point-of-view – that of the client, but 24×7 with historical trend analysis. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your wireless LAN. We have many white papers detailing the advantages of this approach, please enquire.